Note: iCanWrite is currently undergoing a major rewrite!  Watch this space!

Give your kids a boost as they start to learn to write

A fun way for them to learn to produce letters

They can work from preset groups of letters or you can enter groups for them to use, perhaps re-enforcing their school scheme. They can also try any collection of letters they want - great for learning to write their name, for example.

Letters are shown one at a time with a demonstration. Once the letter is traced correctly the next letter is shown.
At the end of the sequence the results are shown as handwriting to give a great sense of achievement.
The handwriting piece can be grabbed using the standard screen shot feature (hold home and press power), allowing you or the child to include their masterpiece in notes, greetings cards or whatever you want.

Tested on my own 3 year old and produced under the guidance of an experienced reception (kindergarten) teacher this product boosts confidence and promotes fun with learning!